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I started my PhD at the beginning of 2020, so this information will change as the project evolves but as a starting point here is the working title and abstract.

Radical Game Development: How to apply an understanding of values driven technology development to game programming.

Abstract: This practice-based PhD explores how the code, which is the foundation of any software, shapes what the software is able to become. Drawing upon the technology counter culture movements of the 1960s and 70s this project asks how we can consciously embed values within the foundational structures of software and how we can create the software that supports the type of society we want to build. To do this the project draws on critical code studies, reflective game design, information ecologies and interactive narrative to explore how we can leverage code as a performative cultural product to create critically reflective software.

The practice component exploits games’ structure as a unique software microcosm , to challenge the largely unspoken assumption in industry that code is values neutral. The goal of this project is to explore how it is possible to make explicit the values embedded within the code. Using the framework of restorative practice and relational thinking the project aims to build an interactive narrative engine that will answer the question: How can we put relationships at the heart of code?

Anna’s PhD Working Title and Abstract

1 Min Researcher Profile

As part of UC’s Faculty of Arts Festival I participated in the 1 min Researcher Profile and PhD Summary. As always as time goes along the idea will evolve, but here is my first year 1 min PhD video.

Published Works


Gall, J., Tucker, J. J. R., Sutherland, P., & Tito, A. (2007). Our Park, Our Community: stories from the Narrabundah Longstay Park. Kingston, ACT: SoftLaw Community Projects.
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