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Interactive Narrative

This is section provides links to my narrative experiments and narrative game prototypes.

Blood Red, Bone White

Blood Red, Bone White is a work in progress interactive narrative created originally as a prototype for my PhD confirmation. It explores the notion of text transformation as a method for allowing readers/players to craft their own narratives. The story is crafted so that at the end of the experience the player can print their story allowing them to create a physical record of their play experience.

The story is also an experiment in making a narrative support flexibility in player gender and sexual orientation. The approach to text transformation highlighted above also allows the game to support a range of personalised player expressions of gender and sexuality promoting the development of more inclusive as well as personalised narratives.

Note about the versions:

V1 is the original version submitted as part of my confirmation which has the visual representation and pronouns of the player character linked. V2 is the evolution on this narrative as discussed at Technically Games 2021 (download the presentation slides here) which separates out the player pronouns and visual representation and is set up to support the player to define their own pronouns.