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Public Speaking and Media

Public Speaking

If you are interested have collected a playlist of my recorded public speaking events here.

  • PAX AUS, ‘Accessibility Panel’ [Panel], October 2022
  • Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), ‘Lessons from the Trenches’ [Panel], October, 2022
  • Technically Games Conference, Speaker, November, 2021
    • Developing Gender Systems: Techniques for making your game inclusive for everyone (slides)
  • Technically Games Conference, MC & Speaker, November, 2020
  • FRIDAY LATES: LOCAL HEROES OF GAMING, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra, November 22, 2019
  • Festival of Ambitious Ideas: Female Innovators, Canberra, 2019
  • RMIT University, ‘The Technology of Publishing a Game’ & ‘Introduction to Improving Performance in Unity’, Games programming students, Melbourne, 2019; 
  • PAX AUS, ‘Utopia // Dystopia: Environment-Driven Storytelling’ [Panel], October 2018
  • Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), October 2018
    • ‘Lessons in Technomancy: Using code generation in a dynamic data system to build flexible and stable games fast.’  (Slides uncompressedcompressed) (Recording)
    • ‘Pixels and Words: Lessons in Building Interactive Narrative Systems’, with Blair Leggett (Recording)
    • ‘Game Development Architecture Roundtable’
    • ‘Developer Lightning Talks’ Keynote, Moderator Tony Albrecht, myself with Rob Davis , Saf Davidson, Nick Suttner, Jean Leggett , Keith Fuller  & Kate Edwards (Recording)
  • RMIT University, ‘Tips and Tricks for Improving Performance in Unity’, Games design students, Melbourne, 2018;
  • New Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC), August, 2018
    • ​Architecting for Live Service Games on Mobile (Slides)
    • Game Romances: More than Just Heart Icons [Panel]
  • Global Game Jam 2018 Melbourne Location Keynote, “The Games that could be…”, January, 2018
  • Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), ‘Don’t be THAT Programmer: Engineering for quality and maintainability’, October, 2017 (Slides) (Recording)
  • #SheMakesGames Keynote, ‘From the Impossible to the Inevitable’, October, 2017 (Slides)
  • Connect Expo, ‘Engineering for longevity in a mobile world’, Melbourne, 2017;
  • RMIT University, ‘A Journey from Student to Professional Developer’, final year games students, Melbourne, 2017;
  • RMIT University, ‘The Technology of Publishing a Game (a.k.a. stuff I wished I knew)’, Games programming students, Melbourne, 2017;
  • Louisiana State University, ‘The Game Production Life Cycle’, Computer Science Students, Louisiana, 2016;
  • NOLA Game Developers Meetup, ‘Unity tips and tricks, as well as an overview on data driven development’, (Slides) 2015;
  • NOLA WIT, St Paddy’s Game Dev Shindig, 2015;
  • Global Game Jam at Louisiana State University, ‘Jamming with Unity’, 2015 (Slides); and
  • Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans, ‘Meet Gameloft New Orleans’, 2015.