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About Me

I am a high energy, zany and hard working person. When not at work or making games I am an off the grid, living hippie farm girl, focused on building an sustainable (eventually regenerative) lifestyle. I grow my own veggies and sew my own clothes as much as I can and where I can’t, I buy locally as much as possible. I enjoy traveling, I like visiting smaller towns and less well known sites over the big tourist attractions as hordes of tourists are not my favourite thing. I also have a particular love for archaeology and cultural sites, thanks to my prior academic studies and can still spend hours with some obscure text or in a museum.

I am always creating and am always in the middle of some project or other whether it be sewing a costume, creating a new synthetic hair style, crocheting a new doll or blanket or writing a new fic. I am a pretty massive Dragon Age fan, you will often see me sporting some sort of custom made, nerdy, Dragon Age paraphernalia. I enjoy the F1 (Go Kimi! & Ricciardo) and I love ice hockey thanks to the Texas Stars (AHL) and the Manitoba Moose (AHL).

Hack Like A Girl Volunteers
Texas Stars Star Wars Night FTW!
Skeletor!!!! …. need I say more?
Installing an electric fence around my veggies to protect them from the rabbit horde.

Why “Blood and Ink”?

In the redesign of my portfolio I wanted to work towards a better representation of my work in both games and academia. I had an image in my head of a crossed sword and pen. The image harkens back to the Edward Bulwer-Lytton phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”, for me in games we can combine both the sword and pen making it even more powerful. Blood and Ink felt like a natural name from this image, it also brings to mind ideas of “blood, sweat and tears”, which anyone who has worked on a broken release build at 3am can understand. 

On top of all this the name makes me think of tattoos and given my love of the art, it seemed fitting.