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Game Development

On top of my existing professional published titles (see Published Titles(Games)) I have also developed some stand alone mini projects and participated in game jams.

Game Jams

Eclipse: Recoil

Benn Chisholm, Louis Valenti, Ben Carruthers, Andrew Faulkner, Robert Mills, Anna Tito

Eclipse: Recoil is was a group project, created with Benn ChisholmLouis Valenti, Ben Carruthers, Andrew Faulkner and Robert Mills as part of the Brisbane Fab48 (2012). 


Luke Kellett, Trevor Talbot, Harold Absalom, Sam Kayler-Thomson, Anna Tito

Nom!Oboros was a group project, created with Luke KellettTrevor TalbotHarold Absalom and Sam Kayler-Thomson as part of the 48hr Global Game Jam (2012). 

You can download the full source code and runable game builds from the Global Game Jam website.

See the team on Kotaku (5th picture down, we call it the SCRUM Thinker).

Image of the Nom!Oboros loading screen. Shows a blob like character about to step on a big red button with two spiked walls on either side
  • Nom!Oboros is a 2.5D reincarnation puzzle platformer. Nom! your way through the inhabitants of this adorably creepy world. Reincarnate as them and use their unique abilities to solve the spatial puzzles.
  • Use the W, A, D, and space keys to navigate around the world. Come in contact with the other creatures to Nom! and absorb them.
  • Die to reincarnate as the last creature you absorbed, an indicator in the top right shows you the type this will be. 
  • Use the special abilities of each type, like super jump, block pushing and smaller stature to solve the spatial puzzles.
  • Use death as a tool to reincarnate and gain or loose abilities, but make sure you have eaten someone, if you haven’t you may die permanently!

University Projects

Isle of Ragnarok

An screen capture from the game of a golden cloudy sky and a bridge with a path through a forest.
An screen capture from the game of  through a forest path with an old fashioned scroll resting on the ground.
An screen capture from the game of a golden cloudy sky and forest in the background, with an eerie blood soaked alter surrounded by human looking bones in the foreground

Pranee, Ben, Trevor, Boden, Anna

Anna: Programmer, Designer, Writer, Sound Designer, Level Designer, Technical Artists and Environmental Asset creation

Welcome to Ragnarok lying at the heart of Aya Sofya. It is a place of forgetting and solitude. It is where the gods go when they have no where else, when wold of men have forgotten them. A place where they can rest in stone until they are once more remembered and believed in. 

The Isle of Ragnarok was a 12 week project focused on creating an interactive environment, not a game, that conveyed this sense of the forgotten and lost. It was inspired heavily by the the 3D exploration games of the early 1990’s like Myst and Zork Nemisis, however the Isle of Ragnarok focuses on mood and open world exploration rather than on rails puzzle solving.  Isle of Ragnarok was created using Unity 3D.

A Stitch in Time

Pranee, Ben, Trevor, Boden, Anna 
(Full credits below)

“A Stitch in Time” is a 2D post apocalyptic steam punk  game for the iPad. The game combines casual game play mechanics with narrative animation sequences.  The game plays on the visual real estate of the iPad to present a powerful and attractive artistic style, which is carried through all aspects of the game, creating a seamless gaming experience.

See right for the demo video of the game. I hope to have the final video as well as the PC version up soon. 

“A Stitch in Time” is powered by the iTorque game engine.

A screen capture of the Helicopter mini-game. It shows a helicopter in profile flying through an obstacle course of pipes with gears falling from the top.
A screen shot of the "Break the bricks" mini game. It shows a collection of coggs that are blocked from moving by bricks, a paddles on both sides of the game space and a blue glowing ball  bouncing around the space.

Kitty Blossom

A screen capture from Kitty Blossom, showing a pale colored cat in a snowy environment with cherry blossom trees in the back ground. From the sky are falling snow flakes and cherry blossoms.

Holly: Artist, Animator, Designer
Anna: Background Artist, Designer, Programmer

A mood game designed initially for the wii. Use your mouse to lead the cat around the screen avoiding the snowflakes and catching blossoms.


Anna: Artist, Designer, programmer

With your lollipop of bunny DOOOM! squish as many bunnies as you can in 60 seconds. Watch out for the tentacle demon bunnies that can destroy your lollipop with their wiggly squiggly limbs!

The Squish loading screen showing a cartoon toy rabbit with the word "Eep! above it, just about the be squashed by a giant lolly pop.


As part of my role as the game studio design tutor at RMIT, I have written number of from wo-to-go art & design modding tutorials for a number of popular modding game engines:

You can also download the NWN2 tutorials from the modding community site.

Welcome to H.E.L.L.
(The Healing Emporium For Lost Loveables)

​In this Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT 2004) mod you play Lucky, the notorious Care-bear massacring inmate of H.E.L.L. in his fight to escape from H.E.L.L. Using a combination of comic strips and range of custom weapons you fight your way through the cells and wards of H.E.L.L. battling the guards and other inmates to escape.

An image of the Welcome to H.E.L.L. basic enemies.  It shows four teddy bears: a purple teddy with an egg image on its belly; an orange teddy with fire on its belly; a blue teddy with a pus on its belly; and a yellow teddy with a sniper symbol on its belly.

A Little Red

A Little Red is a crime noir of a Little Red Riding Hood. You play, Michael Banner, a down on his luck werewolf private detective, who is hired by Red O’Connell to investigate the murder of her Grandmother, the notorious ‘Gran’ O’Connell. In a world of werewolves, vampires, zombies and human purists you must negotiate your way through the political intrigues and fight your way through hostile factions until you discover who is really behind Gran’s murder.